Inish Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy and healthcare group based in Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland. Since its formation in 2007, the vision of the group has been “to improve our patients’ and customers’ quality of life.” With 3 physical stores and an online store, Inish Pharmacy aims to provide a service that meets the needs and demands of its patients and customers.

Inish Pharmacy

Constantly evolving and keeping up with the latest trends in product and technology, both in-store and online, is a big ask but it’s also major contributing factor to the success of the company.

There are multiple pieces to the puzzle when implementing an online strategy. There’s the e-commerce platform itself (abcommerce in this case), secure shopping, payment options to consider, mobile UI, documented reviews to build trust….the list goes on. As part of the range of solutions, live chat is considered the tool of choice for customer engagement.

Customer Centricity

“The customer service team at Inish handled approximately 6,000 chats during 2019. Online orders is a big part of our business and by providing an easy way for our customers to ask us questions and similarly, having an easy way for our team to answer is a key part of the sales process”.

“From Day 1, following deployment of
Chatify, our customer engagement increased. This engagement piece was another necessary part of our online strategy that needed to be implemented to increase customer satisfaction and, in turn, increase conversions.

Paul O’Hea, Director, Inish Pharmacy
Inish Pharmacy Converts at 4x their Sector Average

“Our online conversion rate for customers that ask questions is 17.3%. Compared to an industry average of 4.6%, we really see the competitive advantage of our engagement.

Chatify is instrumental in ensuring that these conversions can happen”.

Paul O’Hea, Director, Inish Pharmacy

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