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WCAG AA Compliance

Pubble SaaS Ireland Ltd. “Pubble” is the company behind two brands: Chatify (customer support) and React Live (Live events). Both brands are pretty new – the website for React Live is still being built – and represent a concerted effort on our part to improve the messaging around both product sets. That said, when we …

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What’s New in Chatify?

TL;DR: Chatify is: Live Chat Software Designed for Teams. The new dashboard is better than the old one. And the new name is better too :)! If you’re new here, here’s a quick recap of where Chatify came from. Chatify started life as Pubble Messenger. You can think of Chatify as “Pubble Messenger 2.0”. We …

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Hello, Chatify

Today [1st March 2019] marks the beginning of Chatify, the product. It’s a big day for us. We are excited to share with you all what we have been busy building for the last year. Chatify is our take on how live chat software should work. It’s designed for teams just like us. It includes …

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