Live Chat Software, Simplified.

Today [1st March 2019] marks the beginning of Chatify, the product. It’s a big day for us. We are excited to share with you all what we have been busy building for the last year.

Chatify is our take on how live chat software should work. It’s designed for teams just like us. It includes all the functionality you need and none of the “features” you don’t.

If you are thinking of adding live chat to your website, here’s why you should use Chatify.┬áIf you are ready to jump in to the details, check out our features page.

For small businesses, we offer a generous free plan that includes all the core features you need to bring amazing live chat to your business. Details of the free and paid plans are on our pricing page.

If you are already using live chat and wondering if you should switch to Chatify, here’s why you really should: Zendesk, Intercom, LiveChat Inc., Drift, Tawkto, Facebook Chat Plugin.

We promise to keep things simple. This goes for everything from the product, to our pricing, to our marketing, to our support, how we run the company and everything in between. If simple to use live chat software, is something that you’ve been looking for, we would love you to come and join us!