Petworld – Ireland’s Leading Pet Speciality Retailer

Customer Profile

Petworld is Ireland’s leading pet specialty retailer. Now with ten locations around the country, Petworld is Ireland’s leading pet specialty retailer. Petworld prides itself on providing the products, services and advice that make it easy for their customers to be great pet parents.

Petworld started using Chatify in January 2016 and has been a keen supporter ever since.

Petworld is a great example of how Chatify can be used within an organisation, not only to help the customer but to also help the team that serves the customer.

Shane O’Leary, Founder, Chatify

This case study takes a look at how Petworld is utilising Chatify to manage in-store enquiries.


As Petworld grew to 10 locations across the country, they needed to standardise how in-store customer enquiries were being logged and how this information was shared in real-time across the company


Petworld made the decision to roll out Chatify across its stores:

“We rolled out Chatify to each of the Petworld shops. This means that Chatify is available to our in-store and purchasing staff on all devices. If a customer wants to order an item that’s not in stock, we log this using the In-store enquiry feature (previously this would logged in a diary in the store).”

Lee Bastic, eCommerce Operations Manager
Ask as Customer

As soon as the sales person logs the query, the enquiry feeds into the centralised system and the customer receives an SMS or email (depending on their preference) to let them know that their query has been logged. This helps to reassure the customer that their query is important and will be worked on. When the customer service team has an update on the query, they post the reply and Chatify handles notifying the customer automatically.

“The icing on the cake here is that when the customer service team notes on the enquiry that the item has arrived in-store, the customer is notified automatically. It works great for us.”

Lee Bastic, eCommerce Operations Manager
Petworld Dashboard

If necessary, the customer can come back to the conversation and live chat with the customer service team in the same conversation thread in relation to the enquiry.

Key Outcomes:

For Petworld, the benefit of using Chatify extends beyond delivering a better customer experience. The solution also helps buyers to more accurately predict demand.

“Logging the query with Chatify means that all in-store enquiries that need to be followed up are now centralised. Not only that, but when we are taking the customer details we can ‘tag’ the enquiry with the name of the supplier that the query refers to. The purchasing team can later filter all the enquiries by supplier in the backend making the whole process very easy to manage. This also helps us to source new stock if required …

…the fact that the customer is updated with key information relating to the query helps build trust with the customer.”

Lee Bastic, eCommerce Operations Manager

Chatify is the only customer services solution on the market that bridges online and in-store enquiries. By having traceability on the in-store enquiries that need to be followed up means that it’s very unlikely that a customer query will be missed.